respond-icon1 In Isaiah Ch.63 vs.15 the cry was for the LORD to look down, and yet in so many situations our hearts cry is that we need the LORD to come down. We require constantly to learn that only His presence and intimate involvement will bring about change in our lives. Ask yourself, if God was to withdraw His Spirit from your life how much of what you do and say would be unaffected ? (Note : whilst that can’t happen if you’re a Christian, that fact isn’t a reason for complacency !)

mountainread-icon Reading for today – Isaiah Ch.64 vs.1-9 :

prepare-icon1 In many ways, this is the model prayer for revival. It’s good to be specific in our requests when we pray, but the danger is that we focus too much in our prayer time upon trying to give God hints and suggestions ! This reading reminds us that there is the vital need to simply pare right down to the essentials when we pray. These verses are a passionate cry for God to renew His presence amongst His people, to shake the earth again, as He did at Mt Sinai (vs.3, compare with Exodus Ch.19 vs.16-19). God is always present yet is seems clear that God can withdraw His powerfully felt presence, for example when we have sinned (vs.7), in order that we might seek Him again. The things that mark out this prayer are; a passionate desire for God Himself (vs.1-2); a remembrance of His mighty acts in the past (vs.3-4); honest appraisal of ourselves (vs.5-7); and an appeal to the Father, on the basis of His revealed character, not to abandon His children (vs.8-12).

Passionate prayer often comes from people who know themselves well. David wrote, ‘… all my longings lie open before you, O Lord …’ (Psalm 38 vs.9).

Do the desires of vs.1-2 find an echo within all of our lives, and if so, how do they shape our prayer life ?