respond-icon1 This reading follows a passage describing God as a warrior. It’s a recurrent theme in Scripture – that our God persistently fights against evil and for the good of His people. Think of instances where such imagery would prove to be helpful.

read-icon Reading for today – Isaiah Ch.63 vs.7-19 :

prepare-icon1 God always acts in our best interests, but we are only occasionally aware of His actions. That’s why the Jewish people attached such importance to remembering what God had done for them. As they retold their history, God’s essential character became clear to them once again: His compassion and His kindness (vs.7); His identification with His people (vs.9a); His love and mercy (vs.9b); His power and guidance (vs.11-14).

People seeking spiritual direction are often encouraged to draw a timeline, marking all the spiritually significant moments of their life. Like the nation of Israel we too learn more of God’s character when we focus on what He has revealed to us through our history. It’s the revelation of His character that forms the impetus for our intercession (vs.15-19).

The people of Israel forgot God when times were easy. Compare vs.10 of this chapter with the words in James Ch.4 vs.4-6.

What are the lessons we need to learn today ?