respond-icon1 Have you ever found you just had to say something, and couldn’t stop it pouring out ? Can you remember what it was you were speaking about ? What was it that moved you so powerfully ?

read-icon Reading for today :

sunrise-thumbnail2prepare-icon1 When we have seen what God wants to do, it changes us. In many ways, faith deprives us of a false peace, in that it’s impossible to settle for what is when you’ve seen what will be. The nature of faith is to look forward in hope (Hebrews Ch.11 vs.13-16). What the prophet has seen is God’s restoration of His people (vs.1-3), through the restoration of their relationship with Him (vs.4-5). The response of faith is to cry continually out to the LORD for the arrival of that day (vs.6-7). It’s easy to settle for what we have, or for a little more, but God is looking for people who won’t rest until the fullness of His purpose is acheived. Is that the kind of people we are ?

The advent season calls us to ‘… prepare a way for the LORD …’ (Isaiah Ch.40 vs.3-5), a work of intercession that demands perseverance of service that can only be achieved through reliance on God’s refreshing love. God wants to delight and rejoice over us … do we allow Him to do that ?