cathedral-window1Centuries ago, a man came upon three stonemasons working on giant blocks of stone and he asked them what they were doing. The first man said, ‘… I’m smoothing the face of this stone …’. The second man said, ‘… I’m shaping this block to be part of an arch …’. However, when he asked the third stonemason the same question, the man answered, ‘… I am building a cathedral …’. All three were contributing to the same project, but only one was able to share the architect’s vision and saw the significance of what he was doing, and in by doing I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he wasn’t also the most fulfilled in his work.

Some commentators refer to the book of Isaiah as the Bible in miniature because just like the Bible it begins with heaven and earth being called to hear the word of the LORD (Isaiah Ch.1 vs.2) and it ends, as we shall see, with a vision of the coming King and a snapshot of the new heaven and new earth. The passages from Ch.61 through to Ch.66 are those that inspire us to lift our eyes up from the concerns of everyday living and direct us towards the bigger picture.

In many ways these last few chapters of Isaiah constitute guidelines for intercession since they help us to have a renewed vision of God and His Kingdom. And whilst, of course, we have to play our part wherever God places us and be involved in His work, we also have to remember that God’s plan is so much more than that.

As you approach Christmas why not, with me, read through these chapters and allow God to expand your vision of Him and His work.